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Whether you need to understand the particular requirements of your operator, have your crew evaluated immediately, or get online training for your pipeline personnel, we can help.

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Operator Qualification Evaluations

DOT regulatory compliance can be overwhelming to maintain for your crew. We provide third-party OQ evaluations by certified Veriforce and ENERGY worldnet evaluators. Through a detailed consultation, we understand the unique variables for your project that affect the evaluations needed.

Our field team helps your crew feel at ease so they can showcase their expertise and experience during the evaluation. Plus, all of our evaluators are fluent in English and Spanish, so they can communicate well with your team.

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Heavy Equipment Certifications

Reduce liability for your company and your project by making sure your heavy equipment operators are qualified for the job.

We offer heavy equipment safety certifications so your crew have the authority to operate their machinery safely.

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Instructor Lead Safety Courses

When lives are at stake, safety certifications should be front and center. That’s why we offer a number of in-person instructor-lead safety courses for your crew.

Our instructors customize the courses based on the learning styles, experience, and ability of your team, so they retain the information we cover.

We offer certifications in:

  • Competent Person Certifications
  • Heavy Equipment Certifications
  • PEC, SafeLand, SafeGulf
  • H2S Hydrogen Sulfide

Competent Person Certifications

It’s vital to ensure trenches and excavations are secure on a daily basis. With Competent Person Certifications, your crew will have the knowledge and authorization to keep everyone on the project safe. 

We offer instructor-lead certifications in Excavations and Trenching and Silica.

These certifications can run at the same time as other OQ services, depending on your requirements. We can certify both groups and individuals.

Online EHS and HR course for oil and gas crew

LMS Online Courses & Certification

The oil and gas pipeline industry is always changing, which is why it’s critical to ensure your employees are always up to date on the latest regulations and requirements. 

We offer a hub of over 500 EHS and HR courses your team can comfortably access online. With 3D animations, full narration, multiple language options, and interactive questions, your team can gain the knowledge they need.

We can customize the courses based on the unique requirements of your company.

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